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Buray is a Turkish Cypriot pop singer who first rose to prominence in 2015 following his massive hits "Istersen" and "Sen Sevda Mısın".

Buray Hoşsöz (b. 15 June 1984) is a Turkish Cypriot pop singer who first rose to prominence in 2015 after the release of his debut studio album, ‘1 Şişe Aşk’. The album included popular songs like “İstersen” and “Sen Sevda Mısın”.

Hailing from the vibrant crossroads of Turkey and Cyprus, Buray burst onto the Turkish music scene with a refreshing sound that merges pop sensibilities with soulful melodies. Known for his distinctive voice and heartfelt lyrics, Buray has managed to resonate with fans from all walks of life, ensuring his status as one of the region’s top musical talents.

Discography Highlights:

Buray’s discography boasts a range of hits, each cementing his position as a leading figure in Turkish pop music. His songs frequently tackle themes of love, passion, and the complexities of modern life, all delivered with his signature vocal style.

Buray has released four albums and two remix albums to date: 1 Şişe Aşk (2015), Sahiden (2016), and Kehanet (2018), and Başka Hikayeler (2021).


Throughout his career, Buray has garnered numerous awards and nominations in recognition of his significant contribution to Turkish music. He won the Best New Artist award at the 11th MTV Europe Music Awards. His tracks consistently chart in Turkey, and his music videos accumulate millions of views, testament to his widespread appeal.

Live Performances:

Renowned for his electric live performances, Buray has a unique ability to connect with audiences, making each concert a memorable experience. His shows are characterized by energetic sets, impeccable vocals, and a strong connection with the audience.


Over the years, Buray has collaborated with several notable figures in the Turkish music industry, such as Gökhan Türkmen, Gülşen, and İrem Derici, further solidifying his position as a versatile and respected artist.

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